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A B2C and B2B closed-loop digital platform enables stakeholders to view the traceability and transparency of any type of waste materials as recyclable resources.

A scale up of circular economy with function like e-hailing for recyclable waste & a dating site by matching supply and demand of materials; recover (collect), track, incentivize, recycle; materials with their highest value reuse options, digital payment, GHG (greenhouse gas) calculator.

mobile app & system

IoT for waste which rewards the users for recycling; tracks product waste movement; ease collection process; provides RRI (recovery & recycling inventory) data.

Waste Collection

Households and commercial /
business outlets.

Specialized collection scheme / systematic collection

For both post-consumer, industrial and commercial products waste. Create Value with consistent quantity and quality.

Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)

For PET bottles, aluminum cans, and beverage cartons.

Facilitation, research & strategy

Study reports on waste, waste audits,
and more.

Training / Seminars

On Circular Economy, Sustainability, Recycling, SDGs, and more.

We facilitate material flows and transactions between stakeholders across the value chain with transparency and traceability.

What makes us different?

Our services are based on a combination of practical experience and scientific knowledge.

When you work with one of our team, you’re getting input from someone who knows the sector from the inside and understands today’s realities on the ground.

We have collaboration partners who enable the possibilities of achieving a successful circular economy for your organization.

  • Digital Platform
  • Resource Recovery (Specialized Collection)
  • Training (Circular Economy, Sustainability, Supply Chain Management)
  • Sustainability Report
  • Research Report
  • Technical R&D
  • Business Support
  • Industry and Consumer Engagement
  • Expert Opinion